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Warranty service
Warranty regulation:
The company guarantees to the user that the products listed in this warranty card are good in quality and complete in parts, and provide free warranty service. The warranty terms are as follows:
1. of consumers from the date of purchase according to the product warranty card that the warranty period, product quality fault, the technical personnel of the company confirmed that the machine fault under normal operation, will provide free warranty service, but all replacement parts belonging to the company.
2. in the following circumstances, the company will refuse to provide free warranty service, but provide maintenance services, and according to the circumstances to collect related parts and labor costs:
A. products have been damaged by improper operation, or due to mechanical damage caused by force;
B. products have been repaired without our company?s authorization;
C. headset unit via large volume, into the debris or collision caused diaphragm deformation, broken, crushed, headset line flooding, casing damage and deformation such as damage;
D. products are not operated according to the installation instructions provided by the factory;
E. can not provide sales certificate of the sales unit related to the original warranty card, or the date of purchase exceeds the warranty period.
3. in the following circumstances, the company will refuse to provide maintenance services:
A. can not provide warranty card original or product warranty card, the contents recorded inconsistent with the product;
B. warranty cards, security labels, logistics code content has been altered or blurred and can not be identified.
4. the free service provided by this warranty card does not include items such as accessories and other decorations.
5. warranty service does not include transportation costs and does not provide door-to-door service.
The right of final interpretation of this Ordinance shall be owned by the company, and the power to amend this warranty shall be retained without prior notice. In any case, the user shall not be liable for the visible and intangible losses caused by the product and the compensation requirements imposed by the manufacturer.
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