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Guide for ear tubes
Headset Guide
Are the needs of youth health and vitality, in the pursuit of fashion experience also can not be ignored for the health of the grasp, in the physical development of young people, a reasonable design can protect the health of the auditory earphones are equally important. We all know that our ears from the external ear, middle ear and inner ear is composed of three parts, the external accept the voice of the outside world, and along the ear tympanic membrane tympanic membrane caused by vibration, the vibration caused by the malleus, incus and stapes bone block three phase vibration, sound to the inner ear, inner ear can produce nerve impulses along the auditory nerve to nerve impulses can, so that the sound information to the brain. But if the headset headset is inappropriate or too heavy, sound directly into the ear, centralized transfer to the very thin membrane, without a buffer room, thus stimulating the auditory nerve endings, extremely easy to cause auditory fatigue. Cause some systemic adverse effects also are the main symptoms of tinnitus, hearing loss, hearing loss and mild ear pain, long-term accumulation will even cause permanent hearing damage.
1, the use of time should not be too long, generally stay at 30 minutes, -40 minutes or so, rest for a while, listen again.
2, the sound should not be too big, you can hear on the line.
In fact, MP3 is not just hearing damage to us, some scientific research results also show that long high volume will damage people´s eyesight. Because of the inherent relationship between the subtle and complex eyes and ears in the nervous system, high decibel noise environment, symmetrical slow reaction to the moving object in people´s eyes, seriously impaired or even cause permanent failure of reaction conditions.
Since listening to MP3 has impaired hearing and vision, can I listen to the Walkman? Maybe some music lovers will ask questions. In fact, MP3 and listen to a truth, we listen to walkman for ear and size using voice Walkman will be hearing and vision affected us, so listen to Walkman also have a certain impact on health!
Preventive measures:
In the light of the above, we have made the following suggestions:
1. listen to music scientifically;
2. listen to the volume of MP3, which is best controlled at 6 of the maximum volume in MP3.
3., listen to MP3, time should not exceed 60 minutes.
4., the use of MP3, it is best to use high-quality headphones.
5. don´t listen to MP3 in noisy surroundings.
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